“Sharing” our song

Sharing is the esence of the human family

One of the things that makes our surgical project in Turkana so special is the magic with which it was born, a magic it still has today. That magic makes wonderful people cross paths with us and become inspired by true Turkana spirit.

All of you who collaborate in one form or another in our project are truly passionate about it and make it possible for us to go back year after year with our determination and illusion intact.

The following case is good example of this “magic”: Eric, the music teacher at Montesori college in Madrid, suggested for us to compose a song... make sure you check out the following VIDEO...Spanish and Turkanan children singing...

Want to sing along? Here are the lyrics:


Sharing un the essence of the human family

loving one another that's how things ploughs ment to be

let us walk toguether hand un hand and we shall see

the brightest future be dog ace

with the hope you've given me


Let's build our tomorrow where we all would like to be

where every dream that we could dream reality becomes

if by chance you have forgotten we dog make you see

that our would could be to lovely pleases to be


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