Main goal

In order to bring healthcare to the population of Turkana, within the area of General Surgery, every year we offer surgical assistance in Lodwar District Hospital to the population of the region of Turkana. The hospital often does not have any surgeons to attend to this enormous region of Kenya and the consequences are disastrous, with patients dying due to a lack of care.

In the future we hope that the staff will be able to carry out these tasks without our help, that there will be doctors trained in the area of general surgery and that the hospital will run throughout the year with local staff.

Since we started Cirugía en Turkana in 2004, with your help, we have managed to:

  • Carry out 14 campaigns, with over 100 days operating
  • Attend to more than 4,000 patients in consultations, appropriately diagnosing them and prescribing them medication
  • Carry out more than 1,750 general and local surgeries
  • Construct a WELL in Nariokótome: which provides drinking water for many people in Turkana and their cattle, and waters part of their plantations in the north
  • Sponsor 2 children, paying for their studies and maintenance

One of our basic goals is to advertise the project and to raise awareness among young people in order to give this project, or others of its kind, a future.


They have included us in their “healthcare system”, we have gained their confidence and they WAIT FOR US EVERY YEAR.

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