Turkana has an extremely precarious healthcare situation, with a very high infant mortality rate: 220 out of every 1,000 children born die, and life expectancy is less than 55 . These factors are made worse by the shortage of water, lack of communication in the region, and geographical isolation.

The doctor-patient ratio is around 1/75,000
This means we need to help a lot to have a real impact.

There is no one specific reason to work in a project such as Cirugía en Turkana. There are as many reasons as there are people to collaborate in the project.

  • ...some people collaborate with economic donations,
  • ...other people attend the events that we organise to raise funds:
  • ...regattas, exhibitions, concerts... etc.
  • ...others donate materials,
  • professionals offer their knowledge and work.


Whatever reason we may have for participating in a project of this kind, our goal is always the same, to offer help to those who have less and who need it the most, and to try and form a fairer world, where the millions of human beings who are not lucky enough to have the same privileges as us can live with more equality.

Each and every one of them have a place in Turkana, and that's why more and more people are taking part in our project and, in turn, this is leading to new possibilities.

We receive a lot more than what we give

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