SITUP . Proyecto Universitario Cirugia en Turkana

Cirugia en Turkana en la 2 de TVE. La Aventura del Saber

Feliz Navidad 2018 Cirugía en Turkana y Los Secretos

Dr. Nacho Cristobal. Ginecologo. Cirugía en Turkana

Cirugia Maxilo Facial en Turkana. Dra. Marta Redondo

Traumatologia en Turkana by Cirugía en Turkana

Cirugía en Turkana. Complutense Medicine University Madrid. dr. Patricia Saez Carlin

Sesion hospital private hospital Turkana and Madrid Hospital Clínico San Carlos

Cirugía en Turkana Journal presentation of an English version Campaign

Mr. Samson Lokele Madrid Complutense University

Jimmy's history. A Turkana boy operated on in Spain

<a href="//;playsinline=1" title=""CAFELITO" in concert for Cirugia in Turkana" class="ytc_thumb ytc-lightbox ar16_9"&gt;&lt;span <span style="background-image: url(//;" title="" cafelito" en concierto por cirugia turkana" id="ytc_zhVRjo3K7_A"> style="background-image: url(//;" title=""CAFELITO in concert for Cirugia" in Turkana" id="ytc_zhVRjo3K7_A"> </span>

Cafelito in concert for Cirug�a en Turkana

XVII Cirug�a en Turkana Regatta.

Presentacion Diario de Una campaña , Cirugía en Turkana

Come to the IX concert for Turkana with the Castafiore

Concert Cafelito and Study 12, 2017. Emergency in Turkana

Emergency in Turkana . Concert Cafelito in Galileo Galilei

Concert, Los Secretos for Cirugia in Turkana 2017

Telemedicine Surgical Camp 2017

Club de las 25 prize for Cirugía en Turkana

Mobile Clinics 2016 Cirugía en Turkana

Telemedicine ultrasound Turkana - Madrid

Cirugía en Turkana 2016 Campaign.

Education and the Future in Turkana by Peter Kemaisi

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