13th Surgical Campaign Cirugía en Turkana (2016)
10 March, 2016
1st Charity Women's Padel Tournament by Cirugía en Turkana
1 May, 2016

Ten women dedicated to Kenya

Cirugía en Turkana in YODONA

With 10 brave and generous women united by a common profession, the medicine, and a cause: Turkana, a region in northern Kenya that is among the poorest in the world and they have just got back after staying two weeks in Turkana, during which time they visited 384 patients and performed 184 operations. A frenetic pace that would be unthinkable in Spain. In fact, as soon as they arrived in Africa, at the beginning of February, they had to operate throughout the night on a child who had been stabbed. It was an experience that had an especially deep impact on the newcomers, because although there have been 12 campaigns already, both veterans and new volunteers contribute each year.

yodona surgeons

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