En primera persona: Diario de una campaña – Cirugía en Turkana

In 2007, one of the people who now forms part of Cirugía en Turkana's SOUL joined the project.

Carmen Hernández, surgeon, mother of two, and truly devoted to Turkana and its people, wrote a journal about the campaign that we were able to edit and print, thanks to the funds that we raised.

The experience narrated in first person, her everyday life, from the point of view of a Spanish surgeon, gives us a unique insight into the complicated world of Turkana, through the way of life and the endless anecdotes that we experience there every day through our work.

To my colleagues, an admirable group of tireless mzungus. To all the patients, so that one day you can all have a short bowel syndrome diet... To Joaquín, Alejandra and Joaquinito who make my life a blessing

Te invitamos a leer la versión reeditada en el pdf que te puedes descargar más abajo. Si quieres un ejemplar en papel, por favor, escríbenos a gisela@cirugiaenturkana.com y te daremos toda la info para adquirirlo.

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