Prizes and Recognitions

30 mayo, 2019

“No es un acto de caridad, es un acto de justicia”

Con motivo de los Premios Sociales 2018 Fundación Mapfre, entrevistan a nuestra Directora Médica, la Dra. Carmen Hernández, en el programa de radio “A media sesión” […]
17 November, 2015

“A sólo 6 horas”. First Prize Winner, 1st University Competition for Shorts on Human Rights

The title of this competition summarises the reason for our presence here: 1st University Competition for Shorts on Human Rights. Because our short is a tribute [...]
7 November, 2015

Capital Radio Prizes - Third Sector 2015

Capital Radio awards the Third Sector, and gives a voice to those who don't have one. Cirugía en Turkana was one of the 10 awarded organisations in [...]

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