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4 junio, 2019

Celebramos el día de África en la radio

Celebramos el #DíadeÁfrica con nuestros amigos de Punto de Fuga de la Cadenaser.com No os perdáis la entrevista a nuestra Directora Carmen Hernández, y dos de nuestras estudiantes: Julia […]
30 mayo, 2019

“No es un acto de caridad, es un acto de justicia”

Con motivo de los Premios Sociales 2018 Fundación Mapfre, entrevistan a nuestra Directora Médica, la Dra. Carmen Hernández, en el programa de radio “A media sesión” […]
28 September, 2016

Report in La2's “La Aventura del Saber”

Great report on our project carried out by TVE's La2 in its programme “La aventura del saber”. Many thanks to Elena Polentinos and to everything his [...]
12 May, 2016

«The lack of resources makes diagnosis a challenge»

Cirugía en Turkana, in the La Razón daily newspaper. Providing access to healthcare to those most in need in the community of Turkana through the Lodwar District Hospital [...]
16 March, 2016

Ten women dedicated to Kenya

Cirugía en Turkana in YODONA 10 brave and generous women with a common profession, medicine, and a common cause: Turkana, a region in the north [...]
1 December, 2015

Cirugía en Turkana in EFE Salud

The surgery project in Turkana, awarded by the King Juan Carlos I University. The two weeks of the year that Dr Carmen Hernández works most [...]
19 March, 2015

Spanish Surgeons travel to Kenya

CHARITY DOCTORS.Spanish operating rooms are brought to Kenya. These professionals give away their time and knowledge to the Turkana people, a nomadic population that lives in extreme climatic conditions [...]
10 April, 2014

Cirugía en Turkana, on RNE's “hablar por hablar” with Elena Sanchez

Reflections. Cirugía en Turkana, one of the poorest areas on the planet. @Elena24Sanchez's report on the programme is enthralling [...]

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