Bar Turkana

TURKANA BAR, C/ Segovia, 16 - Madrid

Bar Turkana was established through the collaboration of four friends with the aim of creating a more or less stable source of income for the Cirugía en Turkana surgical project and, at the same time, forming a meeting point for the people interested in the issue - who we like to call “the Turkaneros Family”.

Two of these friends travelled to Turkana for the 2011 campaign and experienced the situation first hand.

They were deeply impacted by the fact that, simply due to having been born in a place like Lodwar, the people were denied the most basic human right: life.

During their stay at Lodwar District Hospital they had the opportunity, along with the rest of the medical team, to attend to people with AIDS, shotgun wounds, snake bites, malformations, severe burns, broken bones and even crocodile bites.

They also helped out in Caesareans and tumour operations, carrying out all the operations they could during the approximately 15 days that the campaigns usually last.

And all these operations were made more difficult by the hospital's lack of basic facilities and poor hygiene conditions.

Upon returning to Madrid, inspired by the work carried out by the “Cirugía en Turkana” team of medical professionals, they decided to actively get involved in the project and establish Bar Turkana.

But this project would not have been possible without their collaborators. Up until now, we have been able to rely on the help of Deloitte -specialised in professional services for companies-, to take care of all the legal issues.

Cafés Pozo, who donate all the coffee that is served in the bar.

Pizarras J.Bernardos, who provided all the materials necessary for setting up the site, as well as various anonymous collaborators who have helped us with the website, advertising through social networks and even with this dossier.

Our aim is to achieve a constant flow of funds into the project. Clients and collaborators can contribute in whatever way they can: food, drinks, machinery, furniture, publicity, presence, etc.

Bar Turkana can be found online as well as on all social networks, and our initiative as appeared in the media: in the physical and digital press, on television and radio, etc.

Our goal is to promote our project and its collaborators as much as possible in order to obtain as much funds as possible to ensure that the “Cirugía en Turkana” project can continue being a reality.

You can know more details of the bar in its web: WEB TURKANA BAR Y also to continue its everyday life in facebook: FACEBOOK TURKANA BAR

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