Legal notice

1. Privacy and personal data protection policy

Through this notice, Cirugía en Turkana, (hereinafter "Cirugía en Turkana"), Spain and registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 21555, Folio 55, Section 5, Page M-555559, Register 1; informs the users of the website of its personal data protection policy (hereinafter, “the Personal Data”) in order for the Users to freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide Cirugía en Turkana with the Personal Data that may be required or which may be obtained from them when they sign up or register for some of the services offered by Cirugía en Turkana on or via the Portal. Cirugía en Turkana reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to new legislation or case law or practices in the industry.

In these cases, Cirugía en Turkana will give notice of the changes made on this page with reasonable time in advance before their implementation. Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, we hereby inform you that the data gathered via the various forms shall be included in a personal data file in order to appropriately process your request, Cirugía en Turkana shall be the recipient of the file. As the file holder, Cirugía en Turkana, guarantees the exercise of rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of the data provided. To this effect, and in order to facilitate it this procedure, you will simply need to send us a message with your request to the following email address: info@

Likewise, they undertake to repect the confidentiality of the data in their use thereof and to use it in accordance with the purpose of the file. By sending the information requested in the forms, the interested person expressly agrees to the processing and transfer of his/her data to Cirugía en Turkana, for the purpose identified above.

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, we hereby inform you that the data gathered via the various forms shall be included in a personal data file in order to appropriately process your request. This data will be processed to inform the user and send him/her advertising about special promotions for the services or products related with the internet and new technologies. If you do not wish for your data to be processed for commercial purpose, please specify this by marking the box that will appear when you are contracting the service. Sending an email to: you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the legislation in force.

2. Web browsing. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are installed in the User's computer browser to register his/her activity, sending anonymous identification data that is stored on the computer. They aim to make browsing simpler, allowing, for example, Users who have previously registered to access the areas, services, promotions or competitions reserved exclusively for them without having to reregister on every visit. They can also be used to measure visits, traffic and browsing parameters, session time, and/or control the progress and the number of entries.

Cirugía en Turkana will at all times try to establish appropriate mechanisms for obtaining the consent of the User for installing cookies that require installation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it must be taken into account that, in accordance with the Law, it will be understood that the User has given his/her consent if he/she modifies the browser's set-up by disabling the restrictions that prevent the entry of cookies and this consent will not be necessary for installing the cookies that are strictly necessary for the provision of a service expressly requested by the User (through previous registry).

Here is a list of the main cookies that Cirugía en Turkana uses:



Cookie functionality


Google Analytics

They enable the control function for single visits. The first time that a user browses the Cirugía en Turkana website. This cookie will be installed through a browser. When this user browses our page again with the same browser, the cookie will consider that he/she is the same user. Only when the user changes browser will Google Analytics consider him/her to be a different user.



Google Analytics

Enables the function for calculating the session time. The first (utmb) registers the time that the page is first accessed and the second (utmc) verifies if the session should stay active or if a new session should be created. The utmb cookie expires 30 minutes after the last register of the page viewed, whereas the utmc cookie is a session variable, meaning it is automatically deleted when you change websites or close the browser.


Google Analytics

They enable the user's origin to be registered. Data will be registered if the user visits our website through direct traffic, from another website, from an advertising campaign or from a search engine (indicating the key word used and the source)


Property of Cirugía en Turkana

Enables the language control function, detecting the visitor's country of origin and browsing in the correct language.

Cirugía en Turkana

Property of Cirugía en Turkana

Enables the session to stay active in order to show the cookies information message

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User may configure his/her browser to notify him/her when cookies are received and to prevent them from being installed on his/her computer.

3. Terms of Use and Acceptance of Terms

These conditions regulate the use of the Cirugía en Turkana website for internet users, and express the user's full acceptance, with no reserves, of each and every one of the conditions and restrictions published on the website at the time in which he/she accesses it. Access to the website and/or the use of any of the services included will suppose the acceptance of all the terms of use. Cirugía en Turkana reserves the right to unilaterally modify the website and the services offered therein, including the terms of use. It is thus recommended for the user to read this Legal Notice every time he/she accesses the website.


4. Conditions of use for the website

The user must use the website in accordance with the authorised types of use. It is expressly forbidden to use the website or any of its services for illicit purposes or effects, contrary to good faith, public order or to the provisions of the terms of use. It is also forbidden to make wrongful use of the rights or interests of third parties or a use that some way obstructs the normal use of the website and/or its services for other users. This website is free of charge for the user.


5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All the content on the website (brand, trade names, images, icons, design and general presentation of the different sections) are subject to the copyright and industrialist rights of Cirugía en Turkana or third parties. In no case shall access to the website imply, on behalf of Cirugía en Turkana or the holder of the rights: (1) that authorisation or permission is granted for the content, (2) that the rights of the content are renounced, transmitted or yielded, whether totally or partially (amongst others, their rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication). No uses of the website and/or of its content different to those expressly authorised by Cirugía en Turkana shall be able to be carried out. No user of this website shall be able to resell, republish, print, download, copy, broadcast or present any element of this website or its contents, without prior consent in writing from Cirugía en Turkana. This shall hold true unless the law otherwise enables, within reasonable measures, the copying or printing of the content for personal and non-commercial use, the Copyright and other identifying data of the rights of Cirugía en Turkana and/or the holder of the rights of this content being unaltered, in any case. This website and its content are protected by international and Spanish intellectual and industrial property right laws, whether for individual works or compilations. The user shall not be able to erase or modify, in any way, the information related to these rights included on the website. All rights are reserved for Cirugía en Turkana or the holder thereof.


6. Disclaimer of Guarantees and Liability

Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for the functioning of the website

Cirugía en Turkana does not guarantee and or assume any responsibility for the functioning of the website and/or its services. If there are interruptions to its functioning, Cirugía en Turkana will try, when possible, to notify the user. Cirugía en Turkana does not guarantee the utility of the website and/or its services for performing a particular activity, its infallibility, or that the user will be able to use the website or the services offered at all times. Cirugía en Turkana is authorised to carry out as many technical modifications as necessary to improve the quality, performance, and efficiency of the system and its connection. Except in cases where a deadline is expressly indicated, the provision of services shall, in theory, be of an indefinite duration. However, Cirugía en Turkana is authorised to terminate any of the services or access to the website at any moment. When possible, Cirugía en Turkana will try to notify the user of this in advance.

Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for the content

Content of all types included on the website, and available for the public in general, facilitate access to the information, products and services provided or supplied by Cirugía en Turkana. This content is facilitated by Cirugía en Turkana in good faith, and on occasion it may come from sources other than Cirugía en Turkana. Therefore, Cirugía en Turkana cannot guarantee the reliability, veracity, completeness or current nature of the content, and thus does not accept any type of responsibility that could arise from damages caused, whether directly or indirectly, by the information accessed on the website. Cirugía en Turkana does not guarantee the suitability of the content included in the website for the private purposes of the users. Consequently, both access to the website and the use that could be made of the information and contents included therein is the sole responsibility of the party performing the action, and Cirugía en Turkana shall not respond, in any case and through no means whatsoever, to the eventual damages derived from the use of the information and content accessible on the website. Similarly, Cirugía en Turkana shall be in no way liable for the products and services offered by other people or entities, or for content, information, communications, opinions or demonstrations of any kind originating from third parties and for any that can be accessed online.

Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for links to other pages

The website may enable the user to access other web pages through links. Cirugía en Turkana does not accept responsibility for the content of the linked web pages, nor does it guarantee the legal nature, exactitude, veracity or reliability of the information included therein. The publication of a link will not necessarily mean that there is a relationship of any type between Cirugía en Turkana and the owner of the link. Cirugía en Turkana shall not accept any type of responsibility for infractions or damages caused to the user or to third parties through the content of the websites that they find on the link. Jurisdiction and applicable laws. The terms of use and services offered on the website are regulated by Spanish Law. Cirugía en Turkana does not have any control over who accesses its website and where they may access it from. Even though Cirugía en Turkana is aware of this, this does not mean that it is submitted under the jurisdiction of foreign countries; if an issue or complaint arises in relation to the website or any of the services that it uses, the parties agree to submit expressly to the courts and tribunals of Madrid (Spain).

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