20 July, 2015

4th Cooperation Day at the San Carlos Hospital Clinic

On 18 June we organised Cooperation Day at the San Carlos III Hospital Clinic. Cirugía en Turkana contributed towards organising [...]
29 May, 2015

Tribute to our doctors, volunteers and collaborators

In 2010 our friend Isidro Riera made this video in tribute to all the doctors that form part of Cirugía en Turkana , all the [...]
8 May, 2015

Exhibition/auction of paintings by Inés Galvez for Cirugía en Turkana

Last April our mythical Bar Turkana played host to the first auction of paintings by a very young Turkanera: Inés Galvez. Everything was [...]
25 March, 2015

Cepsa collaborates with Cirugía en Turkana

CEPSA contributes to the development of the communities where they operate and, in 2015, they became the main sponsor of our 12th Campaign, financing the costs of [...]
23 March, 2015

12th Surgery Campaign in Turkana

Cirugía en Turkana was established in 2004, comprised of surgeons, anaesthetists and gynecologists. Every year, this group goes to North Kenya, to the Governmental Hospital of [...]
19 March, 2015

Spanish Surgeons travel to Kenya

CHARITY DOCTORS.Spanish operating rooms are brought to Kenya. These professionals give away their time and knowledge to the Turkana people, a nomadic population that lives in extreme climatic conditions [...]
10 July, 2014

This is what you call a #selfie…Turkana children

Did you know that many children in Turkana have never seen themselves in a mirror? Look how beautiful and exciting it is when they discover themselves [...]
10 July, 2014

“Acacias are like the Turkana People”, by Carmen Hernández

ACACIAS ARE LIKE THE TURKANA PEOPLE These trees grow in a hostile environment and perhaps that's why they grow thorns, so that [...]
8 July, 2014

11th Cirugía en Turkana Campaign

We have just got back from Lodwar District Hospital, in the North of Kenya, along the shores of Lake Turkana. Cirugía en Turkana has been collaborting for 10 years with this [...]

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