“A sólo 6 horas”. First Prize Winner, 1st University Competition for Shorts on Human Rights

Capital Radio Prizes - Third Sector 2015
7 November, 2015
Let's dance for Africa, for Turkana
26 November, 2015

“A sólo 6 horas”. First Prize Winner, 1st University Competition for Shorts on Human Rights

The title of this competition summarises the reason for our presence here:

1st University Competition for Shorts on Human Rights.

Because our short is a tribute to the people of Turkana, who constantly fight to have Human Rights...

Healthcare, Education, Water, Food... None of which are a given there...

That's why since 2004 Cirugía en Turkana, our Organisation made up of doctors and volunteers, has been raising funds to bring surgical care to the people of Turkana.

And in this way, over the years and after 12 campaigns, we have become part of their healthcare system.

But Turkana also gets involved in a very special way with universities.

Because the tree of the cooperation needs young sap, we will only be able to ensure the future of our work if we can pass on the baton to future collaborators.

And in this sense, the University is the best possible setting for us to make our message heard, to stress the importance of establishing a culture of cooperation in the fight against inequalities.

At the Complutense University, where I work as an associate professor, we have offered a new optional subject this year on Healthcare Cooperation. We hope this initiative that has been so greatly received, like those carried out at the URJC, can be brought to all the universities in the country.

On the other hand, as you will be able to see in the video, our resident doctors take part in all the campaigns too. We think that it is a great incentive for them and that it will greatly improve their training.

I hope that this short can allow many young people to enjoy the magic of a place called Turkana...a place where there are human beings in need of help.

Because Turkana is a magical space in our hearts that makes us speak the same language, the language of equality, tolerance and the dream of a fairer world...



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