The 8th Lyric Concert was this amazing - Cirugía en Turkana

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12 May, 2016
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28 September, 2016

The 8th Lyric Concert was this amazing - Cirugía en Turkana

Like every year, the 8th Lyric Soiree for Cirugía en Turkana held last Thursday in the auditorium of the San Carlos Hospital Clinic has, left us feeling an array of emotions:
  • The generosity of the La Castafiore singers, led by our dearly loved friend Carlos, who comes every year to give a selfless performance dedicated to our cause.

  • Solidarity with the people of Turkana, the engine that drives this initiative.

  • Friendship, more specifically with Paca, the instigator of this event who listened to her dear friend Francisco de Olano when he suggested organising something of the kind.

    The generosity of the little ones, who donate their birthday presents to the children of Cirugía en Turkana.

  • And love, the love of all those who support us in our project to bring healthcare to those in need.

Yet another year we would like to thank our friends, you are a fundamental component of Cirugía en Turkana. It is with great honour and pride that we are able to collaborate with you.
See you next year at the 9th Soiree. Take care.

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