There are many ways that you can collaborate with

Are you a doctor or do you have any relationship with the world of healthcare?

More than 30 general surgeons have offered to work in the surgical campaigns since 2004.

Often during their holidays. Without them we wouldn't be able to carry out the campaign: working in harsh conditions, in extreme temperatures, with very few means, and exposing themselves to health risks is not easy.

The anesthetists who help us are a key piece of the project. They work in very complicated situations and, thanks to them, the patients can be operated on with total guarantees.

Not only the healthcare staff have a place in Cirugía en Turkana

The non-healthcare professional volunteers who help us perform an endless amount of tasks that are fundamental for the progress of the campaign: from going out to look for or carry ill people, to going out for medication, diesel, oxygen, to giving out food or something as simple as inflating balloons for the children.

Their work is marvellous.

Come join the Big Family of Turkaneros...

Besides the staff who travel to Turkana, there are lots of other people who do not go - those who play the most important role. Those who collaborate here in many different ways and enable the surgeons to go:

  • With donations,
  • With material donations for the hospital,
  • With their work...

No matter what your contribution to our project, it will be sure to help. There are so many simple things that you could do...

We'll give you various examples to inspire you. All of us can do our part for them, for Turkana

Exhibitions selling watercolour paintings by our friend Ricardo Alvarez.

Charity concert featuring Los Secretos, the funds of which were used to build the Los Secretos WELL in Nariokótome.

We have involved Montessori College in Madrid and their music teacher Eric composed our song “SHARING”, which we later shared with the children in Turkana.

Lyric concerts, thanks to the generosity of the singers of La Castfiore, and the San Carlos Hospital Clinic, who provide us with their Auditorium every year as the venue.

Other initiatives include that of Bar Turkana, which opened its doors with the aim of collecting donations for the Project.

We have managed to transport material to Turkana thanks to the generosity of the airlines that have offered their services.

We have also spurred on many of our followers to sailing, thanks to Joaquín Vázquez de Aproache's initiative involving two annual regattas, organised in collaboration with Kiko Varela from Naútica Corcho and Rumbo 090º. All proceeds were donated to the project.

During the February 2014 campaign, we were lucky enough to rely on the company of a great photographer and friend of Cirugía en Turkana: Miguel Ángel Fernández Meléndez, who gave us many of his beautiful images that you can see on the website and on Facebook, as well as all the videos for the 2014 campaign, which you can watch on Youtube.

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